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Builders (Students)

Becoming a doer can be overwhelming but our community is ready to help you as a new builder the most. We recommend perusing the "starter buids" if you are intimidated by any big project. This will help you get your feet wet. Check out our blog posts on getting started then find that design that speaks to you and make it your goal to build that item. Be proud of your accomplishments along the way!

Remember that we all started where you are so don't be afraid to ask questions, to us, to builders of your course, to your friends, other online communities, etc.

Hmm, you must be doing something wrong. Kidding, we are going through some growth stages and it could be a number of items. Please reach out to let us know you had an issue and we'll investigate. [email protected]

We guarantee 100% satisfaction or your money back. Our Instructors know that "refunds" could happen if they don't assist thoroughly in the design, plan, build teachings. None of us improve in life without some feedback so let us and the instructor know where we can all improve. Reach out here for refund and feedback. [email protected]

Our community is built around rewarding creative builders for using their time to save us time. On occasion, bad actors have violated copyright laws and downloaded material pretending to be the builder to make money for themselves in other digital channels. If you come accross full detailed plans that are suspected copyright violations please report them here and if the claim results in a removal of content you'll be rewared with credit on our site. [email protected]

Instructors (Teachers)

Profiles can be found and managed at the top of the page. Reach out here with any questions on adjusting your settings. [email protected]

Check out the "Become a Teacher" page and follow the instructions You can also reach out to us directly to a Instructor Account Manager here with any questions. [email protected]

Go to Profile, Settings, Change Password. You'll need to enter your old password then create a new one you can remember.

It's possible some settings weren't turned on during your launch of course. Reach out to an Instructor Account Manager today and we'll verify it's set up properly. [email protected]

Money transfers when you hit $100 in revenue.

If you suspect copyright issues, a breach of a Student contract, or breach of community guidelines let us know. To protect the communit we take all claims seriously and our Claims Team will investigate each request thoroughly.

Reach out to [email protected] with all the information you can gather to get a claim started.

Go to Profile, Settings, General, then add to the appropriate social account.

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Email us directly at [email protected]