Driving traffic to your course will be the key to success for you and the community.  The great thing is the process to do this doesn’t limit your opportunity to leverage this for other revenue streams outside our community.

Step 1: Creating your product picture and compelling preview video.

The two items that will be paramount to your success will be the quality of the photo of your finished build and the compelling nature of your preview video. Every course will need a 2 -10 minute preview that shows off your build, your course, and maybe a little about you as a person. Take a look at what others have done and see if you can come up with a creative spin. This preview video is the only course content that you’ll be allowed to share publicly outside of our community.  

Step 2: Pick a course price.

Your course can be free or $5-$100 range (recommended price is to stay around 5% of the total materials cost). 

Step 3: Build social proof.

To gain momentum for your course once it’s first published, you’ll need to get social proof. This means earning a couple dozen (paid) enrollments and some honest reviews. To develop this social proof, share your course with friends and family and with your social networks (Facebook, LinkedIn, etc.), or on other online forums related to your topic. MORE TO COME

Step 4: Expand to other channels and grow your audience.

Once you have established yourself as an instructor on Hammerly, think of ways to drive traffic from external sites to your course. For example, you could use a blog, a YouTube channel, or a social media platform like LinkedIn or Instagram to expand your audience outside of Hammerly and drive more awareness of your course.


How does the revenue share work?

We are different than other learning platforms because we make a commitment to each other in the fact that you can’t share your course in other outlets and we can’t let others memic your course once it’s in the community. This partnership is a 50/50 split of course revenue. 

What’s the earning potential of the typical instructor?

This highly depends on your design and the size of your potential audience. Our goal is to have our first six-figure instructor in two years. 

How will I get paid?

Hammerly pays instructors once they hit $100.

How does Hammerly market my course?

One of the biggest benefits of putting your course on Hammerly is exposing your course to hundreds of thousands of woodworks, builders, creators, and doers. We invest in a wide variety of marketing channels to promote instructors’ content, including email, SEO, social media advertisements, affiliate placements, and more. We use data to determine the right courses to recommend to each learner. So to benefit from our marketing, make a course that stands out on a topic students are eager to learn.